Reviews from some of our customers

We brought in our 5 month old Australian Shepard for beginner obedience training. It was quite the sight to see Dan get about 10 dogs all calm before the end of the first training. Dan has a wealth of knowledge and every piece of training we have received from his classes have worked with our Aussie. He now walks at our side, sits on command, comes when called, and has stopped barking at the neighborhood dogs that walk in front of our house. All that after only 5 classes in 5 weeks. Keep in mind that if you go to see Dan he's training you not your dog. So be ready to learn and work your dog between classes.

- Curtis Hays

This is tbe BEST training school anywhere .To watch him is amazing! I took my Collie to Dan's school when he was 5 months old Shadow passed with flying colors. Dan has trained both police and Military dogs..He is amazing!!

- Judy Hinz

Very effective dog trainer (rather dog handler training)

- Sam Rozenberg

28 yrs ago Dan taught me dog training. I took his class and worked with my boxer 30 min per day for 5 months. My dog was extremely well-behaved and would walk next to me down my street without a lead. I remember Dan's training to this day and just used it to help educate my niece. Her dog is now behaving like a champ. Thanks Dan!

- Eric Hammond

The instructor is amazing! His knowledge about dogs is massive. I have already told at least a dozen people about his classes.

- Jason Harris

Very knowledgeable, and has a solution for every situation. Our pup had been giving us trouble and its been getting better.

- Anjannabet Toro Cajigas

Has great training!

- Edward Waldron

Great people for your pets support and training.

- Christy Gehringer

I was recommended to Dan through family. I will admit, I was a bit nervous to sign my pup up after her evaluation but she really needed a training like this. Dan is great at what he does. The class can be intense and you have to be willing to put in the work with your dog but the outcome has been great. My 10 month lab is still not perfect but with the training we (I) learned in Dan's class, I know she will get there! I'd highly recommend!!

- Cristie Schiffman

Unfortunately, I was not able to give my pup the attention she needed during our training classes. However, I still follow Dan's training tips and have a well behaved dog!! I highly recommend Dan Morris training!

- Donna G.

BEST TRAINER, HANDS DOWN! We were having a hard time with our dog, and had taken him to two trainers that were certified, but not the least bit helpful, and their tactics were just not working. After hearing about Dan we decided to give it one last try, and we are so glad we did. We could see the changes in our dog after three weeks, and even our dog sitter noticed a big difference. Dan's methods worked really well and helped strengthen our relationship with our dog. We also enjoyed Dan's many side comments and the nicknames he gives the dogs are entertaining. If you are at your wits end don't give up- go to DAN!

- Alexandra Cheyne

Dan is extremely knowledgeable, turned my dogs behavior around in a matter of weeks.

- Zach H.

Dan trained dogs for the air force. He's extremely knowledgeable. He's an old school, no nonsense trainer. Your dog learns to watch you for commands and instead of treats and really teaches you how to handle your dog in all situations. We are currently taking our second dog to Dan's class and our German Shepherd puppy is doing great. I was already happy with the class but the cherry on top was taking our pup to get dog food after class and the pet store was doing a training. All the owners were saying different commands and the dogs weren't listening. Then there's my pup walking at a heal right by my side with no effort on my part...weve only been to 3 classes.

- Amelie Landis

My dog is an entirely new creature after Dan taught me how to train her. We've not even been through three weeks of the course and she has already learned proper heel position, not to bark at the front door when someone knocks or rings the door bell, and to come immediately when called to the desired place. She's significantly more confident and I wholeheartedly recommend Dan until the day he decides he won't train anymore.

- Brady Enstad

Dan Morris help me trained my first German Shepard(Jar) more then 20 years ago. I'm buying another one from Italy and i will be happy to see again Dan. The best trainer in the country not only in Mi. Simple.....THE BEST

- Gabriel Vasile

Dan knows his stuff, you see how the dogs know it and he has great patience training their owners.

- Kevin Branigan

We took our puppy, Nash there when he was 1 years old!! Nash learned a lot!

- Orion Pappas

We have a 9 month old puppy and he's been going to see Dan for a few months now. Dan is incredibly knowledgeable on dogs in general and of course in training dogs. He always has a solution or suggestion if you go to him with extra issues or questions. He runs his classes safely and we have seen a great improvement in our puppy so far. We continue to go to class every week and plan to have our next dog go there as well. His tips and tricks are truly priceless!

- Andrea Gonzalez

I have been taking dogs to Dan since before I was married. I've been married for over 45 yrs. So, do you think he's not the best?

- Ronald Michno

Stands the test of time

- David P.

Dan is a little old-fashioned, so PC police beware. But you will not regret your money spent with this gentleman, his techniques brought *real* changes quickly. He's not afraid to call you out if you're not putting in the work, but honestly we're all adults, if you're spending money to have him show you the right way, why not do it? I can't recommend him enough, he's firm and old-fashioned, but his methods work and you can tell he has a real passion for his craft and cares about the dogs.

- James Burger

I wouldn't take my dogs anywhere else. He truly knows how to train a people to train dogs. It's not about training the dog themselves but more importantly about teaching the owners how to work with the dog. We've had 5 dogs go through his training and he is hands down the best. He has background of training military dogs which makes him come across rough but it is consistency and patience that works. I would recommend him to anyone!

- Carissa Smith

Best investment you could ever make for you and your dog. I recommend this man and his training to everyone I know with a dog.

- Hillary Heart

Dan Morris-THE REAL THING! Dan has spent his life training dogs and he knows how to teach a person to communicate with their dog in a way that earns the dogs respect and desire to please its owner. I had a dog training class prior to Dan's at about half the price and got about 1/10 of the knowledge and result. After 4 classes with Dan my dog will: sit, stand, down, come, stay, back up, walk at heel, obey visual commands for most of the same items. Dan's style is not for everyone because he focus's on what works not necessarily what is popular today or is politically correct. If you are willing to work with your dog 1 hour per day Dan will give you the tools to create a relationship with your dog that will be very strong and you will be proud of your dog.

- Rich Booms

Best dog trainer ever! We've taken two of our dogs to him and they turn out amazing.

- Daniel Bryan

Superb dog training! We've had all our dogs thru Dan's training, he truly is an expert!

- Liz Santeiu

Dan trained military and police dogs for 40+ years and the second he takes a dog in hand, it's clear he's a master at what he does. Our husky was very obstinate and anxious and needed something that was a bit more impactful than treat training: not only to gain his respect, but to build his confidence as well. Dan is very reasonably priced, and his instructions have worked wonders on our pup in these areas. The class is amusing and insightful, and even the most challenging dogs follow his instructions to the tea when he works with them directly. It's clear that at the end of the day, it's about training you, the dog owner to work with your dog, which you must consistently do if you want to see results. Bottom line: if you want your dog to behave (especially off leash!) skip the treat training and take him/her right to Mr. Dan.

- Hannah Anderson

Dan did wonders for my husky/shepherd. He was a very timid rescue and we had a lot of trouble building his confidence before working with Dan. We're not even done with classes yet and already he's far more confident and obedient. Dan does use negative reinforcement and I understand that isn't in vogue right now but I have a high-anxiety pup and it worked wonders for him. We already share a strong bond and he's only 8 months old and can walk off-leash without chasing squirrels.

- Stephen Al-Hakim

I have 2 German Shepards both 8 months old now. I've been going to Dan since they were 4 months old. Both dogs walk perfectly on leashes, stop bad behavior when I tell them, and respect me as their leader. I've implemented everything I've learned from these courses and people are always impressed with how well behaved my dogs are already. Anyone who takes his classes and actually listens will tell you Dan is the real deal. He trained military dogs and police dogs and has decades of experience. Rin tin tin and Lassie were trained the same way. 5 stars all the way.

- Mike Bustamante

We have taken 3 of our family rotties to Dan: Sasso, Beu, Rico. We currently take our new addition to our family, Gia to Dan. His knowledge and talents with dog training is unmatched, as he somehow can communicate with canines like no other. Dan’s methods of training are both reward based and discipline based, so if you want to actually learn how to train your dog, come to Dan. We have used these methods correctly and if you put the homework in with your dog outside of class, you will see the results as well. The best part of class is that Dan makes the hour go by very quick with his fun dog facts and witty humor. Long story short, If you want to have control of your dog, come to Dan! If you are worried about hurting your dog’s feelings, this may not the the trainer for you.

- John Hamerink

I have taken 2 dogs to Dan for training and couldn't be more impressed. The first dog was a standard poodle (Bailey) 15 years ago. The result of the training was I had a great family member for 15 years. Recently after losing Bailey I started a new class with Henry, a Mini Doodle. Dan is very compassionate towards dogs and their owners and it's obvious in each and every class I have ever attended. I would have to disagree with the reviewer above who has formed an opinion based on a phone conversation. I drive from Rochester because this training is that good. 5 stars to Dan Morris Training!

- Gary B.

Dan is amazing and watching him work with a dog is like watching magic.

- Stephanie Kaye

Good training. We are on our second dog with him.

- G. Glenn

I was trained here, and I enjoyed the classes. I like to go back every once in a while to visit. Dan's training style is fast and efficient. No question, I would go again, and I can only recommend this place.

- Dexter Morgan

Fantastic trainer with more than 40 years experience

- Sherry Schwedt

Took my first weim there 15 + yrs ago. Came back this year for my new weim. His knowledge is priceless. He is not training the dog, but the human!!

-Marnie DeWulf

My husband and I adopted our 3rd labrador last September. This is also the 3rd dog we have brought to Dan Morris Dog Training. We first discovered Dan in 1986 when we lived in Dearborn Heights. We moved to Brighton in 1992 and make the treck to Livonia once a week and have been doing so for the past 9 months. He is well worth the drive and expense. His love of animals and passion to share his knowledge is what makes us keep coming back! Highly recommend it, you cannot go wrong! Your dog is worth it!

- Mary Jo C.

I first found Dan Morris from a friend 8 years, I had what was beginning to be an unruly GSD, I have had GSD`s all my life, and thought I knew what I was doing, when I went to Dans, it was hard for me at first as I thought I knew what I was doing, well, after awhile I got all that out of my head and did it Dans way, its a whole different world for me now, because of Dans training and most important his knowledge of dogs Psychology has allowed my to rescue 2 other GSD`s that would have been put to sleep, I would have more, LOL, the city allows only 3, the oldest one that I started with at Dans, is a registered Therapy dog now with Therapy Dogs Inc, and i`m also a tester for T.D.Inc and its all because of what I learned at Dans, if your really interested in training your dog, and want the best possible well mannered and trained dog, Dan Morris is the place to go

- Ken K.


- Elisabeth Desmond